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Compliance Assurance ServicesTransportation Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management Services

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DOT / MVD SERVICESPermitting - Titling - Operation Authorities - Fuel & Weight Distance Tax - Record Maintenance
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Why use CAS?It's The Law - It Saves You Money - It's The Right Thing To Do

Welcome to Compliance Assurance Services

Transportation Regulatory Compliance &
Risk Management Services

When it comes to the stringent DOT compliance requirements, we do all the heavy lifting for you. No headaches, no worries. Not only do we ensure safety through fool-proof compliance, we promise the protection of your bottom line from fines and penalties.

Why use CAS?

It's the Law

Non-compliant operators could receive an Unsatisfactory rating as a result of a Compliance Review. Worse, you could be shut down. We ensure you operate within the confines of the law avoiding litigation and penalties.

It Saves You Money

Fines can be assessed to non compliant operators. They have a negative effect on your bottom line. Operating within the law results in only paying required fees and avoiding unnecessary expenses through fines and penalties.

It's the Right Thing to Do

The goal of the law is to ensure safety for everyone with which we share the road. On the road, we are surrounded by families, friends, children, mothers, fathers... the list goes on and on. We owe it to the communities we pass through and serve to do so in a safe manner.

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