Compliance Assurance Services


Regulations are confusing and record-keeping is time-consuming. Compliance Assurance Services' Compliance Management System maintains regulatory required documents and provides regular notifications of compliance status, deficiencies and specifically identifies what needs done to maintain a compliant DOT number. Then, we do the work for you!

Never Miss a Required Filing

Ensure Driver Qualification Files are Compliant

  • Driver's Application for Employment
  • Inquiry to Previous Employers for Safety Performance History
  • Annual Inquiry and Review of Driving Record
  • Annual Driver's Certification of Violations and Annual Review
  • Driver's Road Test and Certificate
  • Medical Examiner's Certificate
  • Medical Examiner's Listing
  • Drug and Alcohol Tests Inquiry

Ensure Vehicle Maintenance Files are Compliant

  • Vehicle Identification
  • A Means to Show Nature and Due Date of Various Inspections and Maintenance Operations
  • A Record of Inspections, Repairs and Maintenance
  • A Record of Tests Conducted on Pushout Windows, Emergency Doors and Emergency Door Marking Lights on Buses